we're back... kind of

Welcome to The Memories Restoration Association.

The Memories like you. You like the Memories.

At times quietly tuneful, at times abrasive, the underlying element of pop and uncanny attention to melody is what makes The Memories stand out from their rock contemporaries. Influenced by bands like the Beatles, the Pixies, and Weezer, the Memories tread the thin line between art and entertainment with the mastery of a tightrope walker. Their music is introspective while also undeniably catchy.

The Memories were and are: Eli Nicolosi (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Eric D’Asto (Bass, Vocals), Joe Di Zillo (Guitar), and Brian VandenBos (Drums).

You can currently find them playing shows in the Chicago-area in the early 2000s, so do make sure you have enough plutonium in Mr. Fusion.

“Possessing a solid, jaunty, power-pop sound as well as a great, raw, gravelly-voiced lead singer…”


Chicago Reader